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New mechanical designs of robots

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See the our robot zoo for
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Autism research

In the field of Autism research we worked in two areas:

  • Designing computational models that can explain Autism.
  • Providing technical equipment to help ASD children with robots and music therapy
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Here a demo video if the robot imitating a human who plays a song

Recent results can be read in

  • Peng Ying Hua, Wang Ming Liang, Norbert Michael Mayer, Yu-Fen Peng, and Joanna Kossewska. Music play using a vibraphone with a humanoid robot as interaction training for autistic children. International Journal of Automation and Smart Technology (AUSMT), 8(1):29–34, 2018.
  • Horng Wu, Wen-Chun Chen, and N. M. Mayer. A face recognition system that simulates perception impairments of autistic children. Neurocomputing, pages 770–776, 2015.

Machine learning: Reservoir computing


We investigated the properties of critical echo state networks.

Shift-twist symmetry

We investigate models of brain development. This film shows a model from the year 2000 where N. M. Mayer investigated the development of point singularities in the maps of orientation preference in the visual cortex V1.